Importance of Translation

Why should a company localize its products and services? There is plenty of evidence that offerings adapted to local language, requirements, and tastes are much more successful:

• 56.2 percent of consumers say that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price. (Common Sense Advisory, Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: Why Language Matters on Global Websites, 2006)

• 74 percent of multinational enterprises believe it is either important or most important to achieve increased revenues from global operations. (California State University at Chico, 2007)

• 65 percent of multinational enterprises believe localization is either important or very important for achieving higher company revenues. (California State University at Chico, 2007)

• 71 percent of North American executives expect revenues from foreign operations, sales and/or imports to increase. (Chubb, 2008, Multinational Risk Survey)

• 95 percent of Chinese online consumers indicate greater comfort level with websites in their language. (Forrester Research, Translation and Localization of Retail Web Sites, 2009)

Official importance

Millions of people move from one corner of world to another, border authorities / embassy issue visas, but when it’s about moving to Non-English state, they will require you to present your visa requirements in their local language for greater understanding of your purpose. It’s officially a procedure for processing of visas but most of the embassy do not give a Translator’s recommendation, keeping in view the scenario and for provision of assured quality translation, we have taken initiative to get authorized by the embassies to help many of the people who do not find a certified translator for their needs. Being a largest network of translators, we will help them develop greater understanding with their presentation to authorities.

The Competitive Edge

Providing Localization services will help give you an edge over your competitors. After all if you are offering your services in several different languages while your competitor is only offering their services in one language you will have the edge. You will have the ability to answer customers in their own language making it easier for them to interact with you.

Expanding Your Market

Providing services in a customer’s language will put them at ease and help answer questions they may not know how to ask in your native language. Making a customer more comfortable and giving peace of mind by being able to serve them in a language they understand will generally lead to them spreading the word about your services.

Strengthen Your Image

Simply put while having a great product/service will give you a great image, being able to provide localized support to your customers will give you an even greater image. Giving a potential customer the peace of mind that they will be able to interact with you in their language will help strengthen your image in that specific location. On top of that it will leave a better impression on customers who may not need localized support, knowing you have taken the time to go that extra step when it comes to customer support gives them the impression you truly care about your customers.