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URDU: Language Facts
Where is Urdu spoken?
Urdu is a living language which, according to estimates, is spoken by close to 100 million people around the world. It is the official language of Pakistan, a status which it shares with English. It is also spoken and understood in parts of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, the Middle East, and United Kingdom, United States of America, U.A.E and many other countries around the world where Pakistani communities have settled.
In India, Urdu is spoken in places with large Muslim communities or cities that were once power centres of Muslim Empires. They include parts of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Kashmir, Bhopal and Hyderabad. Some Indian schools teach Urdu as a first language and have their own syllabus and exams.
The Urdu community in the UK numbers about four hundred thousand speakers.
The closest relation of Urdu is Hindi. Spoken Urdu and Hindi are almost identical at the day-to-day functional level, apart from certain words. After learning Urdu, you’ll find it much easier to speak and understand Hindi but written Hindi will remain a mystery as it’s written in a different script.
Other languages written in the same script as Urdu include Pashto, Kashmiri and Panjabi, although Panjabi is also written in a script called Gurumukhi. The Urdu script is over 90% similar to the Persian and Arabic scripts as well, so learning Urdu will help you to read the Arabic and Persian alphabets. Urdu vocabulary also borrows about 40% from Arabic and Persian.
Famous Quotes.

ثبات ایک تغیر کو ہے زمانے میں
[Sabaat aik taghayyur ko hey zamaney mey.] Only change is permanent.
Famous Urdu poet Allama Iqbal (1877-1938)

عدالت کی ناانصافیوں کی فہرست بڑی طولانی ہے، تاریخ آج تک اسکے ماتم سے فارغ نہ ہوسکی۔
[Adaalat ki na-insafion ki fehrist bari toolani hey. Tareekh aaj tak iskey maatam sey farigh na hosaki.] The list of injustices of judiciary is so long that history still could not end its mourning.
Indian congress leader and famous Urdu writer,
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (1888-1958).


ایک موٹا آدمی اپنے دبلے پتلے دوست سے کہتا ہے: ’’جب میں تمھیں دیکھتا ہوں تو لگتا ہے کہ دنیا میں قحط پڑگیا ہے۔،،
دبلا فوراً جواب دیتا ہے: ’’اور تمھیں دیکھ کر کوئی بھی آسانی سے یہ سمجھ سکتا ہے کہ یہ قحط کیوں پڑا ہے۔،،
[Aik mota aadmi apney dubley dost sey kehta hey: “jab bhi mey tumhey dekhta hoon, lagta hey dunya mey qehet par gaya hey.’’
Dubla foran jawab deta hey: “Aur tumhey dekh key koi bhi asaani sey ye samajh sakta hey key ye qehet kioon para hey.”]

A chubby man says to a thin friend: “When I look at you, I feel the world is hit by a famine.”
The thin man replies: “And looking at you I feel it is you who has caused this famine.”
بچہ باپ سے: ’’ابو لگتا ہے کہ آپ کا قد بڑھ رہا ہے۔،،
باپ: ’’تمھیں کیسے پتہ چلا؟،،
بچہ: ’’آپ کا سر بالوں سے باہر آرہا ہے۔،،
[Bacha baap sey: “Abbu lagta hey key aap ka qad barh raha hey.”
Baap: “tumhey kesey pata chala?”
Beta: “aap ka sar balon sey bahar aaraha hey.”]

A little boy says to his father: “Dad! You look like you’re getting taller.”
Dad: “How do you know this?”
Boy: “Your scalp is coming out of your hair.”
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