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PORTUGUESE: Language Facts
Where is Portuguese spoken?
There are eight members in the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa (CPLP): Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, The Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and East Timor.
It also shares official language status with Mandarin Chinese in Macau, a former Portuguese territory which was handed over to China in 1999.
Many words and aspects of Portuguese are shared with all the Romance languages, ie languages that came from Latin, such as Spanish, Italian and French
Head to the Spanish region of Galicia, on the other side of Portugal’s Northern border, and you’ll also hear Gallegos, which is the closest language to Portuguese and which shares the same origins.
Famous Quotes
Se podes olhar, vê. Se podes ver, repara
If you can look, see. If you can see, notice
José Saramago, Nobel Prize in Literature 1998
Nenhuma ideia brilhante consegue entrar em circulação se não agregando a si qualquer elemento de estupidez
No intelligent idea can gain general acceptance unless some element of stupidity is mixed in with it.
Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese poet and writer, 1888-1935
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