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Greek Language Facts
“Where is Greek spoken?
Greek is the official language of Greece, which is also called the Hellenic Republic, and is also one of the official languages of the Republic of Cyprus. There are big Greek and Cypriot communities in the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, Chile, South Africaand Russia, but also in neighbouring countries, such as Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey.
Know any famous Greek jokes?
Τα κουνούπια Ο Κωστίκας και ο Γιωρίκας πάνε εκδρομή στο βουνό. Αφού βρήκανε μέρος δίπλα σε μια λίμνη κατασκηνώνουν. Στήνουν τη σκηνή τους ανάβουν φωτιά και κάθονται να φάνε. Αφού τελειώσουν ξαπλώνουν να κοιμηθούν όμως τους κάνουν επιδρομή τα κουνούπια και τους τσακίζουν οπότε αποφασίζουν να φύγουν και να πάνε αλλού. Μαζεύουν τη σκηνή τα πράγματα τους σβήνουν τη φωτιά περνούν το αυτοκίνητο και ανεβαίνουν πιο ψηλά στο βουνό. Ξαναστήνουν τη σκηνή ανάβουν φωτιά και ξαπλώνουν να κοιμηθούν. Ο Γιωρίκας όμως κάθεται ξαπλωμένος και κοιτάζει έξω όπου κάποια στιγμή βλέπει πυγολαμπίδες να πετούν μπροστά από τη σκηνή. Φρικάρει πετάγεται πάνω και αρχίζει να φωνάζει στο Κωστίκα σήκω Κωστίκα ξύπνα σήκω να φύγουμε τα κουνούπια πήραν φακούς και μας ψάχνουνε.

[Ta kounoupya. O Kostikas kae o Yeeorikas pane ekthrome sto vouno. Aphou vreekane meeros thipla se meea limnee kataskeenonoun. Steenoun tee skeenee tous anavoun photeea kae kathontae na phane. Aphou teleeosoun xaplonoun na koeemeethoun omos tous kanoun epeethromee ta kounoupeea kae tous tsakizoun opote apophasizoun na phygoun kae na pane allou. Mazevoun tee skeenee ta pragmata tous sveenoun tee photeea pernoun to aftokineeto kae anevainoun peeo pseela sto vouno. Xanasteenoun tee skeenee anavoun photeea kae xaplonoun na koeemeethoun. O Yeeorikas omos kathetaee xaplomenos kae koeetazee ecso opou kapoea stigmee vlepee pygolabithes na petoun mprostah apo tee skeenee. Phreekaree petagetay pano kae arkhizee na phonazee sto Kostika seeko Kostika xypna seeko na phygoume ta kounoupeea peeran phakous kae mas psakhnoune.]

Mosquitos. Kostikas and Giorgikas are making a trip up the mountain. After they’ve found a space by the lake, they settle down. They put up their tent, make a fire, sit down and eat. Afterwards they lie down to sleep, but are attacked by an invasion of mosquitos. So they decide to go somewhere else. They collect their tent and things, put ot the fire, take their car and drive higher up the mountain. Again they put up their tent, make a fire and lie down to sleep. Giorgikas sits up and looks down, where he suddenly spots fireflies hovering around the tent. Panicking he jumps up and shouts to Kostikas: “Get up, Kostikas, the mosquitos are back with lamps and are looking for us!”

If I learn Greek, will it help me with any other languages?
Greek is one of the oldest Indo European languages and forms an independent branch of the Indo European language family
Like Latin, Greek has influenced other languages around the world, so learning Greek might help you recognize and understand a number of words in other European and non-European languages
However, while the Greek language has contributed to the English vocabulary in the past, with the introduction of new technologies and the globalization of the media industry, there has been an influx, in recent decades, of English or Hellenized English words into the Greek vocabulary

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