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THAI: Language Facts
Where is Thai spoken?
Thai is spoken exclusively in Thailand, by approximately 60 million people. The dialect spoken in the Central Region is regarded as Standard Thai and is used throughout the country in schools, in the media and for official purposes.
Very distinct regional dialects are spoken in the north, northeast and south of the country.
Thai television programmes are received and understood in neighbouring Laos, where the national language is closely related to Thai.
Outside Thailand, the largest concentration of Thai speakers is in Los Angeles, California, where there are an estimated 80,000 Thai immigrants.
Thai is closely related to Lao, the national language of neighbouring Laos.
Although Cambodian is not related to Thai, the Westerner who has learnt Thai will notice similarities between the languages which have resulted from close contact and centuries of borrowing between the two.
Famous quotations
A famous line that most Thais will have learnt in school is:
ในน้ำมีปลา ในนามีข้าว
[nai náhm mee bplah, nai nah mee kâo] In the water there are fish, in the paddy fields there is rice

It appears on the King Ramkhamhaeng inscription (see point 9, below) and describes the abundance of natural resources in the kingdom of Sukhothai during the 13th century AD.
Among readers of romantic novels, the dying words of the heroine of Siburapha’s 1937 novel, Behind the Painting are a favourite:

ฉันตายโดยปราศจากคนที่รักฉัน แต่ฉันก็อิ่มใจว่าฉันมีคนที่ฉันรัก
[chún dtai doy-ee bpràht-sa-jàhk kon têe rúk chún. dtàir chún gôr ìm jai wâh chún mee kon têe chún rúk] I die with no one to love me. Yet I am content that I have someone whom I love

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