Proofreading and Editing

We recommend that you should not take the risk of publishing any document, text, or content that may not be ready, completed, double checked and verified as 100% accurate. If you will pass the proofreading, this can lead you having to reprint, publish and redistribute text at excessive expenses also it will damage your image in your target market.
We Translate, Inc. offers proofreading services including the content analysis, organization or re-organization, coherence with, tone, and style of text and formatting. We cross check for every single spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization errors for great impression of your content.


Editing of content is different than the proofreading, in editing of a document, we can take it to new inputs and considerations (such as bring it to new target market) and to edit the text to adapt into a particular localize market version. We conduct a detailed analysis of the document for accuracy, style, punctuation, potential cultural contradictions, consistency, grammar, readability, local relevancy, audience understanding ratio etc. We offer editing service designed to help clients at every stage. We also working in good coordination with agencies around the world to ensure the maintenance accuracy and reliability of documents, websites and product.
How we are doing Proofreading and Editing at same time?
We consistently maintain the quality of targeted contents. This is done by a third party native speaker well versed in proofreading and pointing out improvements in targeted contents. Being native proofreader and editor, he/she maintains quality with the Glossary, Style Guide and Brand Guide instructions.
Our assigned proofreader/editor refine the translated text by incorporating with preferred and relevant glossary terminology and the style specifications established during initial phases of the project. The proofreader/editor ensures that the content is no longer reads like a translation, but reads as originally crafted in the target language.