Localization is adaptation of products, personal or business documents or business websites, e-commerce sites, soft wares, mobile applications linguistically, technically and culturally making them relevant to any targeted market where it will be consumed or sold.

We Localize and test, documents, websites, mobile apps, product / descriptions, software before launch across languages at any platform, operating systems, browser and device platforms.

The best practices for localization involve transferring the original content and user interface from one language to another while maintaining user friendly aspects. The main principles of software localization apply to each of the different types of software (desktop software, web applications and mobile apps), but to ensure the highest level of services, We Translate, Inc. applies a unique approach for each. The following are the steps that are commonly included in a localization program:

• User friendly Design for localization: Take preemptive measures to ensure that the functionality of your source language software is best prepared      for localization and international roll-out.

• Translation of Software Text / Strings: Translation specialist should localize all text within the software.

• Complete the software Build with localization: Finish up building software with the localized text files.

• Testing / Quality Assurance: Multiple times test the localized software to assure the quality of language, appearance and functionality all at the same time.

We are today’s leading software localization specialists with highly professional language experts providing documents, website, mobile applications and software translation and localization services and prepare it for global use. Partner with us today for specific needs or to leverage our full capabilities that offers everything for consultative services like project management, text translation, development support and testing services.