Corporate Audio and Video Transcription Services

We convert your audios/videos into highly accurate text.

We Translate, Inc. offering quality audio and video transcriptions services, We have good team of transcribers and translators working on our platform and can take on very large scale projects along with quick and accurate delivery of your audio and video content. We have transcriptionists of 100+ asian, american, european, shengen states countries. Our innovatively rich and technologically advanced environment maintains quality upto maximum extent, depending on health of your audio. We possess great experience in audio and video transcriptions in Multi-languages.

Why us?  Having wide range of industry experts at our platform, our services are the best in the every town with ensured quality and professional services.

What we offer:

Accuracy: We ensure High quality, accurate transcripts with speaker identification and timestamps included in output documents for perfect quality.

Quick Processing: Quick turnaround with your choice of 1 business day rush turnaround or standard turnaround of 2-3 business days. We have every option available for your requirements.

Easy to use: the files can be uploaded directly from the web browser or with a smartphone app, and output is provided in a range of formats (DOC, PDF, HTML in addition to NVIVO and SRT).

Confidentiality and privacy: We maintain unprecedented confidentiality and privacy standards using innovative speech processing technology.

Any format: Our professional expertise allows you to send us your content in all major audio and video file formats. If you can play it, we support it! We can transcribe it.

We are connected: Our Customer Portal is integrated with your Dropbox, and allows direct upload from all popular video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion or facebook.

Quality guarantee: We guarantee that you will surely get amazing quality of the transcript, and our friendly and responsive support team will help and assist you in every step when you need round the clock.