Professional Medical Translation Services
A single slight mistake in the medical industry can have severe adverse effects on the target audience. We Translate Inc. provides you with 100 percent accurate and thorough translation in the medical business. When it comes to information regarding medical sciences, accuracy in the translation and translation services becomes the key aspect. The tiniest of error in any medical documentation, medical software documents or pharmaceutical information or instruction can become life threating.
As seen on different occasions, where medical professionals imported medical research journals and translated them in their native language however making grave errors that resulted in consequences and the patients involved in the process had adverse effects. Therefore, this is the main reason for getting your documents translated from We Translate Inc. so that there is no room for mistake since we have a vast number of professional medical translators at hand. When selecting a translation service, opting for the cheapest, easiest or quickest method should not be your priority. In fact looking for a firm that promises quality should be your first choice.
Here at We Translate Inc. all medical projects must undergo the quality assurance program. It is compulsory that these translated documents are accurate and are presented in the way desired by the customer. The quality assurance program does not only involve proofreading, but there are several other stages such as involving the clients in focus group testing or even panels. All medical translation projects are taken seriously and these are not only restricted to ‘just translation’ we offer extended services for bringing forward the most accurate information. Feel free to contact us on if you have any inquiry or want to get details of our translation services.
We Translate Inc. has professional translators who are qualified in several languages and have extensive knowledge of life sciences industry and medical. Our team is dedicated in providing with the accurate information and offers professional life sciences translation services. Researchers do not only use our medical translation services, the healthcare professionals and administration, medical device distributors, pharmaceuticals, medical and healthcare facilities, regularly contact us. The We Translate Inc. language transformation team consists of highly trained professionals that specialize in a wide range of language translation and have an in depth knowledge and experience about the specific industry. We provide high quality translations for almost every life science and medical sector, with the availability of nearly all languages. For best results, We Translate Inc. makes sure that each project is given equal importance and assigned to a translator that is affiliated with the topic most. Our bid management system makes sure that you are offered the most suitable and affordable rates with high quality set as the top priority. To ensure the accuracy and quality of any completed medical translation, a second translator is assigned to the project for proofreading which eliminates all chances of errors.
We Translate Inc. has been providing the clients from the following areas a professional medical translation service.
• Training Manual Translation
• Scientific Paper Translation
• Clinical study report translation
• Prescription Translation
• Medical device documents and instructions translation
• Product specification translation
• Medical equipment document translation
• Pharmaceutical research translation
• Handwritten medical information translation
• Patient information translation
• Hospital discharge summary translation
• Patient consent form translation
• Instructions manual translation
• Medical report translation
• Insurance claim translation
• Medical journal translation
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