Get ready to deliver relevant e-commerce content
We provide Language solutions for a superior digital shopping experience for greater sales.
It’s time to deliver exceptional customer experiences across every step of the buying journey making it easier for your customer. We Translate eCommerce Language Platform enables you to translate all types of online content to make every interaction in the customer buying journey multilingual.

Search experience optimization
We ensure that your product or platform achieve maximum visibility across the most popular search engines in every geographic location in your target countries. It’s completely not enough to translate only few keywords for ensuring your product listings from pop to top for your customer searches, our detailed and professional SEO technologies and localization services can boost your rankings in all top search engines.
Most of the times it matters when languages and countries comes into expansion of business or services, that makes ecommerce to put their focus in very intelligent way to adopt right localization and translation services for their product, stores and website.

We got some very amazing facts while our surveys made through the year 2014-15 that only 19 percent of top management surveyed said that translating information online was a top priority job for us. Does that sound like someone in the e-commerce game you might know? Because, if so, you may want to let them know that 63 percent of consumer respondents said that they are more likely to buy from a website available in their native language. This could potentially mean substantial revenue losses for many e-commerce companies because of a lack of translations on their websites.

Likewise critical to note is the way that very nearly 68 percent of respondents said that they “now and again” or “dependably” experience site interpretations that aren’t right or are befuddling on the grounds that the interpretations did not have a comprehension of their way of life. This appears to demonstrate that it is imperative to put resources into online interpretations in more than only a shallow way, since it can kill clients, as well as straight up befuddle them in the event that you don’t take an ideal opportunity to ensure your interpretations are done right.

Multilingual client surveys

Amplify the scope of your image and translating so as to back new market passages audits into different dialects. Online surveys can influence acquiring choices so utilize machine interpretation customized to your industry to decipher your audits progressively and offer them crosswise over areas and dialects.

We Translate Inc. translation and localization is right solutions for your ecommerce translation, localization, globalization, internationalization. We develop native cultural relevancy so your customer may feel at home, while visiting through your ecommerce solutions.


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