Certified Translation of Document required by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad and all its Camp Offices at Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and Quetta do not attest either the contents or the genuineness of the document. They only countersigns the attestation made by other authorities like the educational certificates which have to be attested by IBCC and Higher Education Commission etc. The Ministry, thus, verifies the signatures of concerned attesting authorities. These documents include:
Documents issued by various authorities of central, provincial and local government which are intended to be used abroad or submitted in Foreign Missions in Pakistan
Documents verified/attested by our Foreign Missions which are intended to be presented in Pakistan
Further, the Ministry only attests documents in Urdu and English versions. Document or its translation in any other language other than English is not attested. Applicants may get their attested documents translated from the Translation Centers.

Certified document translation required by Ministry of foreign affairs, Islamabad.

Nikah Nama, Birth Certificates, B. Form, Character Certificate, Medical Certificate, Death Certificates, Divorce Certificate, Unmarried Certificate Affidavit Union Council Certificate, ID card Cancellation Form (Urdu), Driving License, School Leaving Certificate (Urdu), Secondary School Certificate, Higher Secondary School Certificate, Diploma of One year duration and short courses, Bachelors and Masters Degree, Degrees/Diploma Certificates relating to Medical professionals PMDC Reg., etc. Experience Certificates, Diploma of Paramedical professionals, Nursing Diplomas etc. Experience Certificates), Succession and Guardianship Certificate, Special Power of Attorney from Pakistan to person Abroad, Power of Attorney from Abroad to a person in Pakistan, Documents relating to commerce/trade.

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